After 500 years of slavery, everyone and everything involved with the decline of the Black Community has been examined and critiqued. The Black Man, Black Child, White Man, White Woman, White Child, and every other person on this planet has been included microscopically and macroscopically. The only person who managed to dodge the realm of criticism has been the Black Woman, and her role in the decline of the Black Community. I think it’s necessary at this point for the proverbial disclaimer of asserting that this critique doesn’t apply to ALL Black Women, but definitely the majority of westernized Black Women.

There has been a growing number of fearless, brave, and courageous Black Men who’ve dared examining the Black Woman’s complacency, negligence, and dereliction of  duty pertaining to the disgusting decline of the Black Community. These men are identified ruthlessly in error. It is a commonly known in the Black Community that if you criticize Black Women, you will be ostracized, shunned, labeled gay, called a mother hater, called weak, called a self hater, and every other degrading name in the book.

Black Women have somehow been able to circumnavigate the realm of critique for hundreds of years and have been able to silence any opposition. One may wonder how can these so called victims be to blame for the decline of the Black Community? Well it’s simple! One cannot claim to be “the” backbone of a cultural body, and then refuse to be the reason why such a cultural body becomes paralyzed. The spine is the central component to the human structure. If it collapses, the body will never be able to stand statuesquely erect.

[Author's Note: We all know black women proclaim to be the backbone of the Black Community. 
I agree wholeheartedly she is!]

The Black Community is a Matriarchal community that is filled with misandry and ripe with hatred for the Black Man.images-2 Black Men hate themselves, and will defer to the Black Matriarchal Power Structure supported by White Supremacy in situations and circumstances that detrimental to their own being. Recently I have had the chance to interview an Author named Babatunde. He has published a book entitled “Negro Wars“. The book details and outlines Black Women’s involvement in the decline of the Black Community. Check out this informative interview.

Tell us little about yourself…………………………..?

My name is Babatunde Umanah, I am 39 years old currently living in London. I previously worked on the London Underground Metro system for 17 years. I am now a host on Black Men Talk Radio:  Wednesday and Thursday nights, 7pm central, 8pm eastern, 1pm GMT. This show can be found on Blog Talk Radio. I am also the author of two books. The first called The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure which deals with some of the major lies the church has been teaching for many years, and the second is called Negro Wars which exclusively deals with the “modern” day black woman.  How she has been a co-conspirator in systematically destroying the black family structure and black society as a whole. Her obvious partner in crime being her white liberal father.

What is your overall perspective on “Black Women”?

When I talk about black women, I am specifically dealing with the westernized black woman residing in western countries branching out internationally to black women living in non western countries; yet, still chooses to subscribe to the edicts and the philosophies of western culture. The westernized black woman wholistically and holistically has become a contaminated individual, a curse, and a pestilence upon black society. She is a complete and utter failure, who because of her dedication to the dysfunctional religion called feminism, is destined to remain in a state of defeat and destitution. You will notice black women who do not subscribe to western culture and who hold to the traditions of womanhood do not suffer from these same issues of degeneracy as the typical westernized black female.

You’ve recently published a book titled “Negro Wars”, can you tell us more about it?

Negro Wars deals exclusively with the westernized black woman and the dysfunctional practices she has adopted. My book examines the black woman from multiple perspectives including how she deals with children, as well as, how she fairs in relationships. Negro Wars also deals with feminism. It takes a deeper look into feminism, and how the black woman has used this “religion” to destroy black culture and black family dynamic.

How did you come to the conclusion “Black Women” are to blame for the myriad of problems facing the Black Community?

Every other stone has already been overturned in attempting to locate the source of the troubles in black society. The black woman is the only person who has not been examined and scrutinized equally to date. On top of this, we must also take into consideration the old African proverb which states a race can rise no higher than the moral position of its women. As she goes so goes the race because she is the first transmitter of culture. Therefore, the decadent, degenerate, and dysfunctional culture that permeates black society today, we can logically conclude must be the result of her teachings.

Your position is very controversial, and many people will label you a misogynist. How do you feel about that?

This is the standard feminist protocol. Feminists can never debate from an origin of logic, reason, common sense and intelligence. Thus, the feminist will instead always resort to name calling, slogan slinging, and attempts to guilt trip and shame the examiner. Westernized black women, being the leading feminists on the planet, specialize in all 4 of these techniques. This is why they and others who subscribe to feminism; whether they be male or female, simply cannot be taken seriously, until they begin to deal with the merits of the debate as opposed to constantly executing ad-hominem attacks. Mislabeling a person through emotion does not nullify the facts he/she presents.

Surely the problems facing the Black Community can’t be solely based on the actions of Black Women. Doesn’t the Black Man bare most of the blame and burden?

This is what modern day black women and their advocates would have us believe; however, they always base theirfeminism-4 judgements upon how things are today. They refuse to delve into the past. In order to accurately identify the culprits behind the degenerate state of black society today, we must go into the past. Black women decided to join the feminist movement in the 1960’s. Black men didn’t. Black women in the 1960’s also decided to accept fatherless home welfare policies which were offered them by the state. Black men didn’t. These are the two fundamental decisions black women made in the past sealing the fate of the black nation from that point forward. Black women are fully aware they are guilty. This is why they will always attempt to dismiss the past, because they know they have no defense. The finger of blame points squarely at them. If two children are fighting in a playground, once the fight has been broken up, what is the first question the teacher will ask the students, “what happened/how did this start?” In other words, the children will have to relay the “history” of what took place from the “beginning”. It is the same contention when we examine the black community. We ask what happened? When did things begin to trundle downhill? At this point black women do not have a leg to stand on which is why they hate dealing with their history surrounding their moves towards feminism and single motherhood.

How do you think this information will help the Black Community, or more specifically, Black Men?

The information presented helps greatly, because it clearly shows black men that the modern day westernized black woman is their enemy. In 2016 the black woman is the tool being used by the white supremacist infrastructure to ensure the black community remains in a ruinous heap. Of course she is a willing participant, and is carrying out this destruction as per the contract that she has signed with the state. The westernized black woman is state property. She is state owned, state run, and state funded. Black men need to first recognize this if they are going to embark upon any mission to rebuild black society.

What do you think Black Men can do to protect themselves and their interests?

My recommendation to black men is to stop dealing with the westernized black woman altogether! She is carrying out an agenda to destroy any works of value black men set to embark on and create. She has an obligation to remain as the leader of the black community and continue remaining relevant to her white liberal father. You simply cannot build with this woman. I also recommend black men obtain passports as soon as possible to start traveling to different parts of the world if they haven’t done so already. This way they can get to see and experience women from different cultures, as well as, experience different countries. It is when the black man starts to travel that the revelation will begin to sink in as to how much of a raw deal the westernized black woman has placed on the table for him to digest.

Can you tell us where your book can be purchased?

Negro Wars can be purchased at, Amazon, and all other good book stores.

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