Action cameras like GoPro is the perfect companion when on a great adventure as it can capture wild moments, still, or in-motion.

It’s all great until one has to edit hours of video files to find the most important parts worth sharing. That’s where Graava action cams come in.

The new Graava has the power to solve the dilemma mentioned above. The brains behind the device claim that the camera monitors its environment closely and only select the most interesting bits of the video, providing an edited version based on the user’s preference.

According to PC Mag, Graava may look just like any action cam but it has five sensors embedded inside — a camera, accelerometer, microphone, heart rate monitor, and GPS.

All these sensors work together to find the best part of the video footage. According to the report, if Graava captures something that detects a rise in the person’s heart rate, it translates this into an interesting footage.

Graava houses an 8-megapixel camera that can capture three continuous hours of video in 1080p at 30 frames per second (fps) in a single charge.

If the auto-editing abilities of this camera will be proven reliable in sports and other events, it will be an important breakthrough for the small startup that had an initial funding of $750,000, TechCrunch reported.

After filming the footage, a person should edit videos through the Graava app in mobile phones. The user can choose editing options like reducing a several-hour footage into a short clip.

Graava will then be connected to its wireless charger, prepping for automatic syncing, and editing videos with a Wi-Fi connection. The camera then notifies the user once editing is done.

The downside to the camera is that it has a relatively low battery life for an action cam intended to film all-day great adventures.

However, creators advised that the remedy to that problem is to have an external battery (not supplied) prepared as this can be connected to the device’s micro-USB connecter.

Graava is now available for pre-purchase with pricing at $250, but will eventually increase to $400 when it hits retail stores in February 2016.

Originally posted: Graava Action Cameras Come With Auto-Editing Features