The cost of materials in modern building can be expensive and damaging to the environment. Not to mention the waste and pollution that construction creates. Earthship Global strives to change the game by renewing old junk and instilling hope for future generations with a revolutionary eco-friendly architecture design.

Earthship is the name given to either a building or vessel used to thrive on the produce of the planet in a way that is absolutely harmless and independent of all public and municipal utilities. Green and economical, these sustainable living structures are the brainchild of Michael Reynolds, founder of Earthship Biotecture.

The dream to live green

Once upon a time, it used to be a mere fantasy to live among the wilderness, in a home powered simply by nature itself. To live with the animals in the woods, away from the city. But how would you procure warmth, water, nourishment and above all stay hygienic? 

With credit due to the dedication and perseverance of Michael Reynolds’ brilliant idea from the seventies and the support of his dynamic team of top Earthship builders, electricians, plumbers and plant specialists – that dream of a green haven for mankind has now become a reality. 

In collaboration with Una Escuela Sustenable, Earthship are on a mission, working with students from around the world to construct sustainable public schools in every Latin American country. This ultra-green public elementary school pictured below in Argentina is made entirely of repurposed materials.

Earthship, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photo: Earthship Global via Una Escuela Sustentable

Powered by nature

The Earthship utilises six core building principles: shelter – made of natural repurposed materials. Warmth – both solar heating and thermal cooling. Electricity – powered by solar and wind energy. Purified water – suitable for drinking and cleaning. Nutritious food that is grown within your home and finally a contained yet discreet sewage waste disposal.

These six commandments that all Earthship designs follow ensure sustainable development and provide the most essential basic needs for human survival in an irrefutably ergonomic way. 

Earthship, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photo: (Earthship Global) via Una Escuela Sustentable


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