The Thomas Wiercinski chronicle is of the 300 year old history of the hotel Drei Mohren. It is reported the Author also told of guests such as Clark Gable and Zarah Leander.  A look into the history of the hotel Drei Mohren opened the Chronicle of Thomas Wiercinski. There are curious episodes in the chronicle of the hotel Drei Mohren. Approximately in 1985, country singer Johnny Cash stayed there. Intoxicated he maltreated with a knife at night his door. “He has but paid in connection”, Thomas Wiercinski found. Over the past nearly four years, he has researched and written for the Chronicle of the traditional house. Yesterday it was presented.”

drei-mohren001We expected the beginning so that the Chronicle will include 250 pages, now it has become more than 300 pages,” Dagmar Waßmann, CEO of Three Moors AG said: “But our author has found also so many exciting things, which previously not even known was: about that the brothers Grimm were Drei Mohren Hotel “She’s happy now to be able to hold such a comprehensive and entertaining plant in his hands. It would readers not only learn a lot about the hotel, but also about the city’s history. So impressed the Three Moors for nearly three centuries by its illustrious guests shaft.

logo_hoteldreimohrenEmperors and kings drove up to the prince hostel which was at an important traffic junction. The last emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Francis II., Laid in 1792 a few days after his election as emperor with his large entourage on the way back a stop in a three-Moors. “Behind the hotel, where today is the parking garage, there was room for the coach sheds and 120 horses,” says Wiercinski.

logo_hoteldreimohren“It is striking is that the house always renewed and rebuilt,” says the chronicler.By bombing in World War II, the Three Moors was heavily damaged. However, shortly after the end of the war decided the owners rebuild it. This time without Lichterhof and palm garden, but with a new aspect: Tourism should now take center stage. And again the celebration of the Augsburg company. Legendary Carnival celebrations were introduced here. The Perlachia since its establishment there their homeland. Source:



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