vico_leftArabic wine poetry, called khamriyyah, originated in the 6th century but started to become more prominent in the 9th century. In Al-Andalus, from the 9th through 11th centuries, wine parties became an honored tradition, very popular especially for the elite, the courtiers close to the Caliph. These parties were the origin and subject of many wine poems. It seems logical to conclude that the rulers were fully aware of these wine parties, yet apparently did nothing to impede them. See Moorish Grapes, Wine, And Poetry



The company incorporates a Moor’s head, as it’s logo. The Moor’s head is also used on the coat of arms and flag of Corsica. The N.Y. times says the Wines Speak a Language of Their Own This vineyard was planted in 1901 by Mr. JEAN VICO. The VICO family took over this beautiful area of the Corsican center in 1987 Since we strive to restore its former glory. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of geology / climate of our region.

  • A tormented geology and varied
  • A Climatology of contrasts

Forty nine hectares of shale, basalt, granite, pebbles between 260 and 360 meters above sea level at the foot of mountain peaks at 2000 meters. It is this particular and unique terroir of the mountains of Corsica center makes the specificity of the wines of our region combining freshness and continental tension in some southern maturity.

Domaine Vico vineyards began producing wine in 1901, in Corsica, a French island in the Mediterranean Sea. Combine tradition and modernity with one thing: respect the grape, raw material and delicate essence of any great wine. No dogmas, some convictions, including that of questioning often and keep intact this force is our passion.

Despite the Koran’s prohibition against alcohol, the Moors continued to grow grapes and make wine in Al-Andalus. Though wine sales were technically illegal, it was still subject to an excise tax. Some wine was produced to distill alcohol for medicinal purposes but other wine was either sold or traded to Christians and Jews. It is also evident, especially through their poetry, that some Muslims enjoyed drinking wine, despite the religious proscription. Numerous Muslims found creative ways to interpret the Koran’s words on wine, providing some justification for their wine drinking. See Moorish Grapes, Wine, And Poetry



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