The Spring 2013 collection of the beloved fashion house included ‘Blackamoor’ or ‘Moorish’ symbolism in the form of the heads of Moorish women used in dangling earrings and on the printed fabrics of dresses. A clarification via the designers’ online magazine, “The show jewelry is reminiscent of ornate ceramics that often appear in Sicilian homes, restaurants and hotels.

dolcegabbanaThe Moor head earrings were inspired by traditional Moorish people, a term used to describe the Medieval Muslim inhabitants of Sicily — a place that consistently inspires Dolce & Gabbana designs and the native country of Domenico Dolce.” For many observers, these iconic emblems of colonialism and slavery were reminiscent of an era of Western history most people are trying to forget. Despite this, Dolce & Gabanna tried to explain that for Sicilians these colorful echoes of Blackamoor decorative arts are merely part of the culture of their native land.



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