Each day via social media, we are given distraction after distraction after distraction.  It literally has replaced baseball as America’s past time.  I’m sure we’d all like to think we know what a distraction is.  The nature of it.  The purpose of it.  The unfiltered reason behind someone taking your attention and making it span as long as they felt the need to shape, mold, destroy, and conform your perceptions.  OR, are have you simply being played and mocked simultaneously?


distraction (n.) mid-15c., "the drawing away of the mind," from Latin distractionem (nominative distractio) "a pulling apart, separating," noun of action from past participle stem of distrahere (see distract). Meaning "mental disturbance" (in driven to distraction, etc.) is c. 1600. Meaning "a thing or fact that distracts" is from 1610s
.distract (v.) mid-14c., "to draw asunder or apart, to turn aside" (literal and figurative), from Latin distractus, past participle of distrahere "draw in different directions," from dis- "away" (see dis-) + trahere "to draw" (see tract (n.1)).

Can I draw your mind away from you?  Can I separate your consciousness from your mind?  Can I  utilize ONE thing and cause your mind to think about a myriad of things totally causing your focus to remain focused on my idea?  Can I divide your common sense into puzzles pieces and cause you to fix the puzzle together exactly how I wanted you to?  OR, can I not do all the above, and laugh at you because you are NOT using your common sense to see the binary joke being played on your commercially for profit?

For instance, Rachel Dolezal has become a household name.  BLACK SOCIAL MEDIA only saw one thing!  They felt breached.  They felt insulted.  They felt anger.  They literally just FELT!  BUT, what didn’t you see?  Did you not see the mockery of your feelings?  If you didn’t see the mockery, the proverbial DISS, then allow me to show you.

spokaneWAAmidst your anguish and fury, did it occur to you there are absolutely 1% of the people who look just like that residing in Spokane, WA!  Yes……the DISS is in psychology says Blacks won’t bother to look up data before they react emotionally.  Psychology also says, the best “get rich quick scheme” on the planet is the emotional dollar!  Blacks…..it has never been about Rachel Dolezal.  It has ONLY been about your reaction to her.  The amount of money made from the repetitive sharing of news article, the views of video after video, catapulted Rachel Dolezal to appear nationally on TV.  SHE WAS NOT A NATIONAL MOTIF until your anger made her one.  KEEP IN MIND, THERE ARE NO BLACKS in Rachel Dolezal’s NAACP district to dispense monies to.  SO WHERE ARE ALL THOSE DONATIONS GOING?

The ultimate DISS to blacks came by way of blacks not knowing, even after Rachel Dolezal was seemingly expose, who the members were who placed Rachel as president.  We didn’t hear ONE iota of an apology from them.  WHY?……..because they know exactly what is going on.  Your common sense cannot allow you to think as nosy and picky as black women are, and as horny and sexually aggressive as elderly black men are, NOBODY came close to finding out her secret.  Come on now!  This is all a mockery to DISStract you from the most important issue at hand………ANYBODY CAN BE BLACK BECA– USE BLACK IS ONLY AN ADJECTIVE!  IT HAS NEVER BEEN A SKIN TONE UNTIL THE 1960’s via a song sung by the late, great JAMES BROWN……….”I’m black and I’m proud”!  YES…….the United States government, along with agencies akin to the NAACP, seduced Black America to take upon them as a nationality, an adjective.  We embraced it wholeheartedly under the auspices of freedom seeking.  IT WAS ALL A GAME TO KEEP YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE FROM NATIONALIZING.  A NATION IS/WAS THE LAST AND ONLY HOPE FOR THE NEGRO, and the likes of Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr., and many many more, were profusely screaming across the United States of America:  “NEGROS NEED TO NATIONALIZE”!

Another thing you missed, Rachel Dolezal again was never the issue.  Black was an invention just like the car, the TV, the telephone, cellphones, cups, and coffee makers.  If I told you that you could NOT use any of these inventions, you’d look at me as if I were crazy.  If I were white and told you the same thing, you’d look at me with fury and be ready to fight or litigate!RACHEL-DOLEZAL-900




You are being DISStracted and DIStracted at the same time even though you have no clue.  Take a good look at the photo above.  Which of these ladies is black?  Since black is an invention of the 1960’s, anyone of these ladies who chooses to use the invention is black.  You’re just being distracted by your lack of knowledge of LAW.  Can you really distinguish these two ladies via skin tone, hair, feet, weight, nails, etc.?  If you are honest with your eyes, you’d admit you cannot.  Let’s look at this from another DISStraction then.  Thompson_Klay.0

This Klay Thompson.  A member of this year’s NBA Champion Golden State Warriors.  IS HE BLACK?  According to Black America, he is black simply because of some erroneous 1 DROP RULE.  Where did this 1 DROP RULE come from?  It came from the same people that told you black was an identity.  The DISStraction comes into play because N. America is the ONLY place on planet Earth where skin tone supersedes your bloodline.  Plainly, N. America is the only place on Earth where who you are is determined by your skin tone.  This very facetious mindset is part of the mathematical equation used against you as it pertains to Rachel Dolezal.  You feel Rachel took something from you Black America.  You feel she stole your identity and misused and abused its essence.  I’m sorry Black America, Rachel Dolezal didn’t steal your identity.  She ONLY borrowed an adjective from the English lexicon and garnered celebrity status from doing so.  This is the same thing Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Walter Payton, Martin Luther King Jr., Michael Jordan, and many many many many others have done under the auspices of BLACK!  Why are you not angry at the aforementioned people?

black_backgroundThis picture to the left is BLACK!  YOU nor ME can name a black person to fit this description.  So I ask you again, who is black in N. America?

Rachel Dolezal clearly is not black.  Klay Thompson clearly is not black.  You clearly are not black people.  Don’t you hear the chuckles in the background as you lay siege  to this identity?  Until you garner the knowledge of LAW, the courage of fortitude, and the soul of understanding, you should NOT be publicly accusing anybody of stealing an invention created specifically to denationalize you.

Right before your very eyes, Rachel Dolezal, Bruce Jenner, and the word TRANS, have mutated into STATUS SYMBOLS.  Whether you like it or not, that is truly some comedic stuff right there.


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