Although Dame Dash gets a lot of ridicule from the media, and many people say they don’t like his tone, delivery, the way he comes off, or perhaps his arrogance and ego. One thing is for certain irregardless of what people may say about him, he is by far one of the best entrepreneurs hip hop has ever produced.

With recently announced ventures with Kanye West, his Hip Hop-reneurial Motivational Series, as well as his Online Market Place e-commerce site and direct to consumer movie Loisadas; Damon Dash seems to be making a concerted effort to prove that he is not out of the game, when you consider Hip Hop Entrepreneurial Heavyweights.

The public squabble between Damon Dash and Hollywood producer Lee Daniels has seem to come to an end, which could mean a new levels of opportunities may have just opened up for Damon Dash in Hollywood. The Hollywood Reporter reports:

“On Tuesday, the parties filed papers dismissing the lawsuit. According to Dash’s attorney Natraj Bhushan, it was a “creative, fair” settlement that “calls for them to work together in the not-so-distant future.” Bhushan couldn’t offer any specific details given a confidentiality provision.”

Damon Dash is accredited with helping Lee Daniels early in his career.

“The music mogul says he helped promote Daniels’ career, got celebrities like Kanye West to perform in promotional support of films and reassured other stars like Mariah Carey to back Lee after the 2008 filmTennessee didn’t perform that well.”

With past differences behind them, let’s see what power moves these two Moors can accomplish creatively and financially, so that we as Moors can use this as inspiration to do the same. As usual let me know your thoughts on this matter.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter