Let’s welcome the remarkably astonishing beauty Dahiana Candelo. Dahiana is a 23 year old aspiring actress of Colombian descent, hailing from Amsterdam. Ms. Candelo is amazingly beautiful and pretty woman with intelligence, often opting for TED Talks and thought provoking films, instead of mindless TV Shows. Take a few minutes out of your time and get to know this wonderful woman in our amazing interview.


Age: 23| Eye Color: Brown| Hair: Brown| Height:  1.60 cm| Heritage:  Colombian| Hometown: Amsterdam| Sign:  Sagittarius| Pets: None| Piercings: Belly| Smoke: No| Drink: Only wine once in a while| Tattoos: no| Youtube| Website 


Shyaam Kushimir: Which do you prefer Beer or Wine?

Dahiana Candelo: Wine

SK: Which do you prefer Boxers or Briefs?

DC: Boxers

SK: Which do you prefer Cash or Credit?

DC: Cash

SK: Which do you prefer Cats or Dogs?

DC: Cat

SK: Which do you prefer Chocolate or Vanilla?

DC: Vanilla

SK: Which do you prefer Coffee or Tea?

DC: Tea

SK: Which do you prefer Hard or Soft?

DC: Soft

SK: Which do you prefer Love or Money?

DC: Love

SK: Which do you prefer Mac or PC?

DC: Mac

SK: Which do you prefer Phone or in Person?

DC: Person

SK: Which do you prefer Sour or Sweet?

DC: Sweet


SK: What are your favorite Books?

DC: Paulo Coelho – The alchemist.

SK: What is your favorite Car?

DC: Mini cooper.

SK: What are your favorite Drinks?

DC: Custard apple juice with milk.

SK: What are your favorite Holidays / Festival?

DC: A place next to blue clear water.

SK: What are your favorite Month/s?

DC: November (my birthday month) and December.

SK: What is your favorite Music?

DC: Classic , Yann tiersens music is food for my soul.

SK: What are your favorite quotes?

DC: One life, one chance.

SK: What are your favorite Snacks?

DC: Obleas with arequipe and white cheese. It’s a typical Colombian snack.

SK: What are your favorite TV Shows?

DC: I actually dont watch TV shows anymore, I watch movies or TED Talks on my macbook.

SK: What are your favorite Video Games?

DC: When I was younger I was addicted to play THE SIMS, Since I was little I loved to create my own world, now acting allowed me to do that.

SK: What items can’t you live without?

DC: Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream and my iPhone.

SK: What are your favorite Clothing Brands?

DC: Zara.

SK: What is your favorite Fast Food Restaurant?

DC: Subway, however it doesn’t feel like it is fast food but officially it is.

SK: What are your favorite Restaurants?

DC: In Amsterdam you can make me happy if you invite me to a diner in Izakaya, a Japanese restaurant.

SK: What items you never leave home without?

DC: Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream , my iPhone and my wallet.

SK: What are your favorite Movies?

DC: Le pianist, a French movie. I would love to play some day in a psychological movie like this.

SK: What are your favorite Shoe Brands?

DC: prettysmallshoes.com hahaha I don’t have another choice


SK: What kind of men do you prefer to date?

DC: I find it quite interesting when a man is totally different than I am, I like to date someone I can learn from.

SK: Which do you prefer short or tall men?

DC: Tall men.

SK: Do you have a Racial, Ethnic, or Nationality Preference?

DC: No I really don’t! My girlfriends are always astonished by the huge different type of men I have been on dates with.

SK: What are the things you look for in a man?

DC: Considerate, capacity of feeling empathy for others, funny and really ambitious.

SK: Which do you prefer Alpha Males or Beta Males?

DC: A mix of it.

SK: What are the things you find most attractive on men?

DC: A kind heart and a warm soul.

SK: Do you like to wear the pants in a relationship?

DC: Sometimes.

SK: Are you Married?

DC: No.

SK: Do you want to get Married?

DC: Yesssssssssssss , and I want to get the most romantic proposal.

SK: What signals do you give to a man when you want him to make the first move?

DC: No one believes when I tell I have never flirt with a man, when I like a person I act really shy. So I don’t give signals, I don’t know how.





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