Get to know the Star that fell from the Cosmos, the sexy and beautiful Cindy Starfall! Cindy is a 23 year old Adult Film Actress of Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai descent hailing from Saigon, Vietnam. CIndy is a fun down to Earth woman who loves to have a good time. She is sexually liberated and loves to celebrate the beauty of her body. Cindy Starfall was raised in a strict Vietnamese household that did not allow her to express herself sexually.

A year ago, the Asian sensation decided to make a career out of her sexual liberation by joining the adult industry. Cindy is a regular at upscale swinger events and parties and loves celebrating her sexuality with fun, open-minded couples. Since her debut the gorgeous exotic star has worked with XXX production companies such as Hustler, Wicked, Penthouse, Evil Angel, Digital Playground, Adam & Eve and many more. The breakout actress also stars in her first mainstream role in Saving Humanity, a R-rated sci-fi flick scheduled for a September release.

Cindy has already launched an online store where fans can buy DVDs, request autographed pictures and other Cindy Starfall memorabilia directly from the star. Though the petite starlet has only been performing in the adult industry for a year, her work is already being celebrated with Best New Starlet nominations for the 2013 Sex Awards and 2013 Galaxy Awards. So check out our amazing interview with the sexy and fun Cindy Starfall.


Name: Cindy Starfall| Age: 23| Eye Color: Black| Hair: Long Black Hair| Height: 5’0| Heritage: Vietnamese/Chinese/Thai| Hometown: Saigon, Vietnam| Measurements: 32B-24-34| Sign: Sagittarius| Pets: 3 years old cat, a tabby, Bambam| Piercings: No piercing| Smoke: Not a drug head| Drink: Not a drunk.| Tattoos: No tattoo| Weight: 95 pounds| Facebook:| Twitter:| Instagram:| Your Website:


Moorish Harem: Which do you prefer Beer or Wine?

Cindy Starfall: Neither.

MH: Which do you prefer Blindfold or Handcuffs?

CS: Blindfold

MH: Which do you prefer Boxers or Briefs?

CS: Boxers. Easy access, the open slit where the cock at

MH: Which do you prefer Cash or Credit?

CS: Cash

MH: Which do you prefer Cats or Dogs?

CS: Cats

MH: Which do you prefer Chocolate or Vanilla?

CS: Chocolate

MH: Which do you prefer Coffee or Tea?

CS: Tea

MH: Which do you prefer Hard or Soft?

CS: Hard

MH: Which do you prefer Love or Money?

CS: Both. Got to be realistic. Love doesn’t survive without money; money doesn’t mean anything without love

MH: Which do you prefer Mac or PC?


MH: Which do you prefer Phone or in Person?

CS: Phone

MH: Which do you prefer Sour or Sweet?

CS: Sweet

MH: Which do you prefer Dutch or do you Expect man to pay bill?

CS: I expect equality. He can get something, then the next thing on me. I’m not a gold digger and I like to give back.

MH: What is your favorite Car?

CS: Red Ferrari (I have a thing for Italian)

MH: What are your favorite Drinks?

CS: Water

MH: What are your favorite Holidays / Festival?

CS: Christmas (decoration, present, people seem to be nicer)

MH: What are your favorite Month/s?

CS: November (my birthday month)

MH: What is your favorite Music?

CS: I don’t have a favorite. I listen to all from country, R&B, to house

MH: What are your favorite quotes?

CS: A real woman never let her man leave the house hungry or horny

MH: What are your favorite Season/s?

CS: Holiday season

MH: What are your favorite Snacks?

CS: Penis

MH: What are your favorite TV Shows?

CS: Dexter, Nikita

MH: What are your favorite Video Games?

CS: Super Mario lol..

MH: What items can’t you live without?

CS: My phone. It has all the dirty pictures I masturbate to every morning

MH: What are your favorite Clothing Brands?

CS: Dresses from Marciano; Lingerie from Agent Provocateur; Heels from Aldo

MH: What are your favorite Fast Food / Restaurant?

CS: Your house

MH: What items you never leave home without?

CS: Mint and condom! Gotta be ready to get naughty whenever, wherever

MH: What are your favorite Movies?

CS: “He is just not that into me”. Realistic, the truth. Should be every girl’s Bible so they can forget about the fiction character, the perfect men from “twilight” or “notebook”

MH: What are your favorite Places to Shop?

CS: Agent Provocateur

MH: What are your favorite Restaurants?

CS: BJ. I just like to say “I’m going to BJ” I would love to give a Bj at Bj

MH: What are your favorite Shoe Brands?

CS: Aldo, Marciano, Jimmy Choo

MH: What are your favorite Sports Team/s?

CS: Lingerie Football Team

MH: What are your favorite Vacation Spots?

CS: I love to travel to places where people are open minded about sex.

MH: What is your Motivation on becoming a Model?

CS: Express my sexuality, be free from my traditional household, love my body!

MH: What are your Expectations from Modeling?

CS: Going into modeling, I just wanted to express myself. I didn’t really have any big expectation coming in to it.  I wasn’t looking for fame, big money. Yet, I’d never thought to receive such a positive feedbacks from the fans on my works. For that, I’m thankful.

MH: What is the Worst place for a guy to hit on you?

CS: There isn’t a worst place to hit on me. I pay attention more on how he approaches me.  I don’t care much for pick up lines. I like for a man is a gentleman, sincere, and have a great communication skill, someone who can keep up with the conversation.

MH: The Most-likely dating approach to work with you?

CS: Be funny, Be sexual, Be a gentleman, Be direct! Most importantly, be able to keep up with me. I need a man who can manhandle me not being intimidated.

MH: What signals do you give to a man when you want him to make the first move?

CS: I will tell him exactly what I want “I want you to take me home and fuck me”. I’m a very direct type of girl. Playing games is not my thing. I like to speak in the ways that a real man will understand me.  No pretend gestures needed when I can just speak up my mind.

MH: Have you ever been in a situation when two men competed for your attention at the same time? Who won, and why?

CS: Yes. Many guys have competed to catch my attention. I’m not looking for a man who belittles other men to make himself look better. Nor do I look for a sugar daddy who keeps bragging about his high salary.  Usually, the man who wins is a humble man, funny, sexual, good listener.

MH: What is your Favorite Porn?

CS: Reality/taboo scenario porn such as sex with your boss, step daughter, your boyfriend’s brother.

MH: Are you a member of the Mile High Club?

CS: On my wish list! I Read the article “how to have sex on the airplane”. Now just waiting for a man that is dare enough

MH: Where is the Most Dangerous Place you’ve Done It?

CS: On the working forklift

MH: What are your Turn-ons?

CS: Older men, foreign accent, military body type, business men, dirty talking, sexting, role playing. All these things turn me on and drive me crazy. All I can think about is fucking that person at that moment wherever we are.

MH: What are your Turn-offs?

CS: Bad hygiene, cockiness, possessive men, rude men who likes to belittle women to make themselves feel better.

MH: What Type of women do you like?

CS: Confident women who knows she’s sexy. Business oriented women who knows how to make money. Women with a nice toned butt.

MH: Sex on the first date?

CS: Definitely! I prefer sex before dinner so I can actually pay attention to you during dinner instead of thinking of fucking you.

MH: Marriage?

CS: Not a fan! If you really love someone, you don’t need to broadcast it with an expensive ring and big party. Save the money on stupid ring and take me on vacation!