Almost every week, scrap that, every day, there are reports concerning Police Officers in the United States shooting unarmed Civilians who are Black. I will admit, in the so called Black or African American paradigm,  #blacklivesmatter only when a Euro or Anglo American Law Enforcement Officer Kills them, (which I will expound on in a future article). Law Enforcement has an obligation to protect its own citizens. What people don’t realize is that Blacks are a threat to public safety.

Christian Crusaders

There is one thing missing from this equation……… HISTORY! People, especially African Americans, love to forget history or ignore it, because they are delusional and under Black Matriarchy, so their intelligence level is extremely lacking in matters of politics and law. In many ways I blame the Black Matriarchy and Black Lawyers for this ignorance since these are the two leaders of the so called Black Community. In law Black means criminal, and Black people have never been apart of the “We The People” in the United States.  Black people are the enemies of the state! It has always been this way since the inception of the United States.

I’ve always said Blacks need probably 100’s of years of more pain before they get ready to take the RIGHT actions!  They must drop this non-sense of Black being an Identity or any name that is a badge or brand of Slavery. Blacks in their current status, are outside of the law; subsequently, this was raised by congress after the Civil War. What is the Status of the Negro? Blacks are still subhumans according to LAW having a Quasi Citizenship status under the 14th amendment.

Now, I am not saying once a person drops the Black Badge and Brands of slavery that things will magically get better, but, that is where we’d have to start as a people in order to get in the position to lawfully fight back against this form of oppression. You can’t beg your oppressor to stop oppressing you while wearing his badges and brands of slavery as trophies. What people also don’t want to accept is that the Christian Doctrine of Discovery is perpetually in play to this day! The Popes of Rome issued edicts directed to Europeans to kill and steal the property of the Hamites (all darker skinned folks), and all non-Christians.

The Christian Doctrine of Discovery is what the United States is using to claim Sovereignty and Jurisdiction over the Lands they claim, to enforce laws they have invented. The killing of unarmed, civilian Black Men is a long standing tradition for Europeans. No one ever brings up the religion of these Euro-American people who commit these acts of violence. They are Christians continuing the Crusade against the Sons of Ham in general.

Moors/Muslims Fighting Christian Crusaders

Most of the Africans who were enslaved come from West Africa and were Moorish Muslims. In a Treaty between the Sultan of Morocco and the Queen of England from 1714, it acknowledges the Sultan as the ruler of all of West Africa. This means that all West Africans, at the time pursuant to international law as far as Britain or other European powers, were under the authority of Islam or Muslims.

This is important to understand because when Europeans were stealing and enslaving the Moors they were stripping them of their names, identity and heritage, committing insurance fraud and breaking treaty law, because they wanted to hide that they were actually enslaving Moorish Muslims. This is important because as you see today, European Americans have the biggest hate for “Black Men” and “Muslims”, undeniably stemming from the Crusades. When a Muslim commits a crime, they are quick to point out the fact that he is a Muslim! When they do it, they hide behind the corporate position instead of calling it what it is:   Christians killing Moors/Muslims,………….. which is the only proper context that can be accredited to it!

Furthermore, modern police is an evolution and outgrowth of the Plantation Slave Patrol during Slavery; therefore, Law Enforcement’s unilateral obligation is to protect everyone from “Black Males” i.e. “Criminals”, (since according to the 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution, a person can be legally enslaved once convicted of a Crime).

In closing, I am tired of the fake outrage, protest, and non-sensical bullshit. It’s time our people learn law for themselves, begin to dissolve the political brands and badges of slavery, so that we get from under this oppressive jurisdiction’s political identity, and return to the ones of our forefathers! Then we can properly combat these issues civilly, lawfully and legally. This verdict is just another one in the long line of Crusader activity being carried out by Euro-American Christians, and they will always look out for their own! It’s time we do the same, and we are long overdue for it.