For the past two years I’ve noticed a glaring truth about my brethren I’ve tried denying and overlooking.  I am a firm believer in men being the ONLY entity that can raise a man.  I am also a firm believer in men needing to correct men.  Overall, my fellow “black men”, or whatever they are calling themselves today, seem to not have any inclination of control over their wives.  The notion of them having side chics is at best misleading, because all of these women are treated as wives.  They are faithful to all of them.

They spend countless time and massive amounts of energy proving loyalty and commitment to these women.  They will even kill you for disrespecting these women they treat as wives.  It’s best you see these women as their wives and handle accordingly.  In spite of what you may think, I’m here to give credence and disprove the notion that Black Men cannot be faithfully committed in relationships.  I’m here to disprove they don’t support their wives.  I feel it’s an outright travesty how society has portrayed Black men to be a filthy, low down, disgusting, dirty dogs.  I feel it’s my duty to come to the aid of my brethren.  If I don’t, who will?

The 4 Wives of Black Men are as follows:

  1. Sports
  2. Music
  3. Sex
  4. Money             

You may be confused and had to reread those names again.  NO!  The names of the wives listed is absolutely correctly listed.  You just may be in denial that one of the women listed is actually your wife.


The Black Man is sooooooo faithful to this woman that he will literally center his entire life around her.  Her positiontumblr_inline_o21wqlXTpK1tyoc15_540 as number one dignifies her rank and status with him.  Every aspect of her life becomes his.  She has never given him any inclination she even remotely cares for his attention to her in such regard.  It doesn’t matter to him at all, because his faithfulness to her has been embedded in him since about the ages of 3 or 4.  Sports doesn’t ever consider the Black Man cheating on her for one second.

She evens boasts her prominent status to her friends by teasing her husband’s daily life while he’s at work.  He cannot wait to get home to see her and she knows it.  The Black Man will die before he disrespects her.  He even builds shrines of memorabilia to show her how much he appreciates her.  Even though this marriage was the result of an arrangement per antiquity, Black Men have held the custom in tact ferociously.  Their sons and daughters are demanded to respect this wife as much as he does.

They are not given a choice for the most part.  Within the household where they live, there are pictures of this woman everywhere.  She’s even in his attire.  She’s in his conversation as if he has nothing else to talk about with his friends.  Ironically, his friends are even centered around his wife and not him.  They are typically guys who honor his wife just as much as he does.  I find this totally in direct opposition to what society has portrayed of the Black Man.  Society, and especially Black Women, owe the Black Man a humongous apology for his unwavering loyalty to his wife named Sports.  It’s actually very touching to see a man give soooooooo much to a woman that he totally loses himself in the process.


This wife also receives a great amount of time and energy from Black Men.  Although his soul is intertwined with sound he defines as music, he ONLY sees this wife from an “infatuation lens”.  There is no question he absolutely adores her, but the need to renew vows repeatedly lends evidence to this marriage being shaky at best.  However, as soon as this woman puts on a new dress or any beautification accessories , the Black Man falls deeply in love all over again.

He cannot resist her sweet nothings she whispers to him ad nauseum.  Black Men have a hidden fetish with this wife.  She can do no wrong. She orders him publicly and disrespects him braggadociously!  She doesn’t care the time nor season. She demands his attention and for him to keep it strictly on her.  Again, this is totally abstract from societal opinion.  We are led to believe Black Men cannot maintain an attention span beyond the realm of school yard kids.  Black Men not only surpass that notion, but they absolutely demolish its relevance with this wife.

This wife has now been so beloved by Black Men, she’s encouraged men to consider becoming rappers in high numbers.  She’s convinced men well over their 30’s who’ve never ever considered her before that women like her are the best, and all other women are nothing short of imitation cardboard.  It’s quite a quandary seeing my brethren so happy in public holding hands with her as they serenade her with “microphonic loyalites”!  I am proud each time I see them.  It gives me great hope to see such a display of connectivity and relationship prowess.


This wife formerly held top rank.  She has since fallen.  Her fall was not due to man’s attention to her exquisiteness.  She merely fell rank to numbers.  She’s actually everywhere….on every coast……on every block…….and never out of season.  She began to become a pastime to Black Men, because Sports and Music started becoming rare finds in the department of marriage.  Quite a few men are still happily married in tenured marriages to her.  The sting has just left, but the glitter remains.  She still gets utmost loyalty from Black Men.

It seems loyalty is a thing Black Men exude from their pores for her. She costs him dearly, but he feels the pleasure outweighs the cost.  Black Men are persuaded by her ability to camouflage her secrecy in clothes, and they literally go above and beyond to uncover her secrecy.  It’s akin to a cat and mouse game, but the game is so great to watch as men do whatever needs to be done to keep her comfortable financially and emotionally.

Black Men will even deny their own wits for her.  She has a power over his senses.  He details this power by remaining in pursuit of her hand in marriage.  The only way a divorce is imminent is if one of his brothers presents his weight in gold one inch more than him.  I am proud to say my brethren are faithful to her in high numbers.  The kids produced from this marriage are considered bastards by society, but amongst my species, more kids make for merrier times.


Sadly, this wife ranks last.  She’s not ugly.  She’s actually very sexy.  There is just something about her that makes black men reject her.  They’ve actually created businesses dedicated to positioning themselves away from her only by way of process of elimination.  If they cannot find any other wives listed above, they will marry her.  Once married they typically are faithful, but for some odd reason, this is the only wife they cheat on and seem to lack in the loyalty department for.  I’ve asked some of my brethren about this, and they’ve all told me the same answer.  Pennies-please-helpThey say, “she’s just not worth the fight man”!

It seems gaining this woman’s hand in marriage requires more work than the other 3.  Black Men don’t feel Money possesses the necessary qualities to pursue her hand in marriage, and she plays too hard to get.  I’ve seen men married to this woman.  The ones I’ve seen are supremely happy.

I guess those that could put up with how hard she was to get truly found a thing most men just wouldn’t work for.  Be that as it may, she ranks last on the list of wives for Black Men.  In my eyes as a single man, Money is the most beautiful woman of them all.  I cannot fathom why most Black Men seem not to find her attractiveness magnificent.

Society………stop giving my brethren a hard time with your misconceptions of their loyalties and abilities to be faithful.  As an unmarried man, I’d personally seek a marriage with Money, but those that are married seem to be totally dismantling your misleading notions of Black Men.  Black Men are exuding two of the most prominent qualities in their marriages which are loyalty and faithfulness.

I contend you have a hidden agenda against Black Men, and you won’t stop your visual and verbal onslaughts until the entire world sees us how you want it to see us.  This is a tragedy; especially, when you consider the words of this article. I understand politics, and I understand yellow journalism. Black Men are victims of each.  It’s okay.

We will keep marrying these 4 women in high numbers, and eventually you’ll have to destroy your PUBLIC OPINION!  Until then, have at it.  Black Men are proving………………WE ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOUR STATISTICS!

#Aryan Maurus

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