Let’s get right to the point. Black Hollywood is Corny and here’s why. They are big time cry babies. You would think with all of the money Black Entertainers and Athletes have collectively, it is absolutely asinine for them to not have created a Movie Studio to produce their own films by now. At this point there is simply no excuse. They have enough money collectively to create an entirely independent Hollywood free industry to produce films comprising of roles where Blacks are the center of attention, or at least, dominant within the story line.oscars-so-white-memes-1

Everyone complains about the lack of positive Black visual representations of films produced by Hollywood.  The fans are just as guilty as Black Hollywood, because certain films the Black Audience enjoys are stereotypically bad representations. U.S. President Obama passed into law, through the Jobs Act, a minimum amount of $1 Million can be raised for films via crowdfunding. How many Blacks are even using that to their advantage? Sadly, even if many did, the people, YOU, the Black audience, would most likely not support films those among you wanted to produce. Your tastes in films, and what you view yourselves as, are boxed into narrow straits.

Hollywood knows  American Blacks very well.  This is why they treat you the way you do.  They know if they were you, they’d have created their own film industry long ago.  Advertisers know they rarely have to market to African American consumers directly, because their spending habits are inline with mainstream America. To advertisers this means whatever is marketed in mainstream America, the Black Population will most likely buy. Therefore, there is no need to create marketing initiatives targeting the African American consumers specifically. I do think things are slowly beginning to change.

The African American consumer has to smarten up to what they should spend their monies on. There needs to be a “broadening of interests” within African American film watchers. They must see themselves in roles they would overtly be denied. I think the new Stars went a long way in establishing this revolutionary element. Typically, Black Film consumers don’t see themselves in fantasy or epic roles; although, the rise in popularity of Afro-Future has potential to change that. Films like Black Panther on the horizon lends to my notions of change. Comics have always been at the forefront of social change in regards to diversifying the narrative of super heroes.

Blacks should have everything from Ratchet TV Shows and Movies to Historic Epics being produced by them and for them. Every community serves its own media content to its own people. Some may disagree, but its not sound business to produced one form of anything. Shows like Power have already changed an entire generation. Not to glorify immorality, but my generation grew up on Scarface – Tony Montana. This generation will grow up on Ghost – Jaime St. Patrick.

Black Hollywood needs to step it up. They are offended by the Oscars for the wrong reasons. They are begging for inclusion and recognition from an entity that represents the pinnacle of films in N. America. In comparison, the first film in America to be created was “A Birth of Nation”, a KKK propaganda film. Blacks are only nominated or win Oscars when they play roles that are immoral and subservient. Why beg for inclusion with all that money collectively? If Blacks ever unite, it must be based around Black Entertainers and Athletes. This is simply who the Black Populace looks up to. Attempting to change their mentalities without doing so is an exercise in futility. I wish it wasn’t like that, but it is.

Blacks look up to Entertainers and Athletes, because it is a lingering vestige and relic of slavery. This is who they are celebrated for being, and this is what they excel at in larger numbers. Even comparatively, academic fields are appendages based on a slave culture of being the biggest, fastest, and strongest Buck on the plantation. Black 644706_429560767121971_1334695975_nEntertainers must show unity and solidarity beyond just boycotting the Oscars. Create your own industry that can employ hundreds of thousands of Black Talented Actors and Actresses, Directors, Producers, Writers etc. If Black Entertainers want their own version of the Oscars, they should design and model it after Asaur or Ptah; especially, since the Oscars statue is designed after the Statue of Asaur/Osiris and Ptah.

Why not call it the Ptah or Asaur Awards or something?  That would be more suitable. The Oscars will quickly give awards to slave movies, and this is why we see an uptick in the production of them. Some argue these movies are good, but I think there is an extreme imbalance, because there aren’t any movies that counter those images. It’s as if Black Hollywood doesn’t realize their ancestry or story prior to Slavery. The new movie “A Birth A Nation” is another slave movie that is getting rave reviews and premature Oscar nods. This film is about the Nat Turner rebellion. We know how these movies end. They end with the Blacks Losing.

You will never see movies where the “White Man” is a loser, unless he loses to some other version of himself, or his counterpart the White Woman. Nick Cannon expressed the same sentiments on the Breakfast Club show Power 109 in NYC, when he stated, (I am paraphrasing), he was tired of Slave movies, and Blacks need to make Movies that depict Blacks as Kings and Queens. Even Black Actor Anthony Mackie says, “Blacks in Hollywood are lazy and that they should be making their own films”.

When will we see the epic story of Abu Buhkari sailing to America from West Africa leaving the Empire to his younger brother Mansa. When will we see the true story of Taharka, or Hannibal or even Yusuf Ibn Tachfin conquerer of Christendom.Bollywood (India) and Nollywood (Nigeria) have already proven that a movies do not have to be based around White Folks for them to be successful. Time will only tell if these or other films like it will ever be produced, I guess for now we are stuck with movies about slavery or jim crow.



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