*Age 26 *Eye Color: Dark Brown *Hair: Dark Brown *Height: 5’5 *Heritage: Filipino *Hometown: Yucaipa, CA *Sign: Aries *Pets: 2 dogs (Daisy and Theodore) *Piercings: ears (took out nose, tongue, belly button, under tongue back in high school) *Smoke: No *Drink: Occasionally but socially *Tattoos: upper ribs on both sides (not everyone knows I have them cause they’re always hidden with clothing) *Weight: 110 *Facebook: Arley Elizabeth



Shyaam M. Kushimir: Which do you prefer Beer or Wine?

Arley Elizabeth: Beer

SMK: Which do you prefer Blindfold or Handcuffs?

AE: Blindfold

SMK: Which do you prefer Boxers or Briefs?

AE: Boxer briefs

SMK: Which do you prefer Cash or Credit?

AE: Cash

SMK: Which do you prefer Cats or Dogs?

AE: Dogs

SMK: Which do you prefer Chocolate or Vanilla?

AE: Swirl

SMK: Which do you prefer Coffee or Tea?

AE: Tea

SMK: Which do you prefer Hard or Soft?

AE: …Hard

SMK: Which do you prefer Love or Money?

AE: Love

SMK: Which do you prefer Mac or PC?


SMK: Which do you prefer Phone or in Person?

AE: In person

SMK: Which do you prefer Sour or Sweet?

AE: Sweet

SMK: Which do you prefer Dutch or do you Expect man to pay bill?

AE: Dutch


SMK: What are your favorite Books?

AE: Anything from Brett Easton Ellis

SMK: What is your favorite Car?

AE: Nissan Silvia S15 (btw I found one in my garage, it has a RB26DETT)

SMK: What are your favorite Drinks?

AE: Water…lots of water…lol

SMK: What are your favorite Month/s?

AE: March, all of summer, December

SMK: What is your favorite Music?

AE: I like a lot of different kinds but EDM/house helps me keep up on long drives

SMK: What are your favorite quotes?

AE: “do unto others as you shall have others do unto you”

SMK: What are your favorite Season/s?

AE: Summer and winter

SMK: What are your favorite Snacks?

AE: That’s a tough one…cause all I do is snack

SMK: What are your favorite TV Shows?

AE: Tosh.0 and random things on National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet…etc

SMK: What are your favorite Video Games?

AE: Big on FPS and follow the COD series…but GTA 5 is pretty sweet

SMK: What items can’t you live without?

AE: Toilet paper, tooth brush, tooth paste

SMK: What are your favorite Clothing Brands?

AE: I’m actually not really into clothing brands. If I like it, I’ll wear it

SMK: What is your favorite Fast Food Restaurant?

AE: Going thru a Wendy’s phase right now

SMK: What are your favorite Restaurants?

AE: Wolfgang Puck (spaghetti!!!)

SMK: What items you never leave home without?

AE: Chap stick

SMK: What are your favorite Movies?

AE: American Psycho, 500 Days of Summer, Boondock Saints

SMK: What are your favorite Places to Shop?

AE: …I actually am not a big shopper. True story

SMK: What are your favorite Shoe Brands?

AE: Chuck Taylors

SMK: What are your favorite Sports Team/s?

AE: Giants (baseball), Lakers, 49ers

SMK: What are your favorite Vacation Spots?

AE: Pretty much anywhere warm with a nice beach…pref. safe and inhabited


SMK: What is your Motivation on becoming a Model?

AE: I started out in the industry at a very young age. My motivation is “little me”…can’t let all these years be wasted, got to keep working hard and making moves.

SMK: What are your Expectations from Modeling?

AE: To keep me on my toes while setting a good example for those who want to follow their dreams

SMK: What are some of the obstacles you’ve encountered from Modeling?

AE: I use to have a hard time taking rejection. Its not easy and it doesn’t get easier because no matter what people say, it IS personal. How a model looks is her job. When a company doesn’t like your look that means they don’t like how you actually look. You can’t improve it, even with gym time or make up or whatever. All you can really do is shrug it off though and keep going.

SMK: What advice can you give to aspiring Models?

AE: Don’t ever think you’re not good enough or let anyone scare you into doing something you don’t want to do.

SMK: Does your family & friends support your decision to Model?

AE: Of course they do. My mom was my first manager when I was 9 years old

SMK: What are the pros and cons to Modeling?

AE: Meeting new people, going to different places, being a part of insane events are all pros for me, especially knowing my little niece looks up to me. That is the ultimate pro about doing what I do. Unfortunately, I cannot make solid plans. My schedule always changes and there are times when I’ll suddenly have to leave for a few days, maybe a week or two. Work is consistent but not in a practical way… and that would be the biggest con for me.

SMK: Have you encountered any haters, since beginning your Modeling career?

AE: Of course, there are always going to be mean people no matter what you do. How you react is up to you and what matters the most.


SMK: Which do you prefer short or tall men?

AE: Tall, or at least taller than me

SMK: What are the things you look for in a man?

AE: Stability, sense of humor, consistency, and consideration of others. Love and respect your mom and dad. Have a good relationship with your family.

SMK: Which do you prefer Alpha Males or Beta Males?

AE: Alpha: I like a man who can take charge (but not TOO alpha cause then that’s just controlling)

SMK: What are the things you find most attractive on men?

AE: Besides great style and a clean look, a genuinely kind personality.

SMK: Do you like to wear the pants in a relationship?

AE: I prefer to be equal, not a dictator.

SMK: Are you Married?

AE: no

SMK: What is the Worst place for a guy to hit on you?

AE: Anywhere when I’m with my family. But the absolute worst is when I’m leaving a cemetery (R.I.P Dad) or obviously sick. Please don’t hit on me at the doctor’s office…be serious.

SMK: What’s the Worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

AE: Once a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to see a magic trick. He said to put my hand in his hand. He held my hand and said “see, magic”

SMK: The best or most creative pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

AE: I actually cannot name one because I don’t get pick up lines anymore. Just really crazy one liners that I wish I could quote but I’m sure they’ll see this interview and things would get awkward

SMK: The Most-likely dating approach to work with you?

AE: I don’t like the term “date” or “dating.” So much pressure. If you’re interested and I’m interested, we should just agree to hang out and go from there…and I guess that would be the winning approach

SMK: What signals do you give to a man when you want him to make the first move?

AE: I’m usually the one who makes the first move. If I want something, I’ll let you know. Trust me.

SMK: Have you ever been in a situation when two men competed for your attention at the same time? Who won, and why?

AE: No




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