Technology is simply the study of techniques.  Advanced technology is one taking advantage of his or her techniques propelling him or her to achieve a certain level of personal or communicable success. What hinders one’s techniques? What causes people to become stagnant in their approaches to life’s challenges? There’s a multitude of causes.  One can create a bucket list of endless reasons. Those reasons must be looked at intricately and intimately, so repetition doesn’t rear its ugly face and mask one’s life.  Psychologists insist for one to keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results, he or she is clinically insane. What psychologist are not telling you is a little secret before they assess your clinical diagnosis. That secret is frowned upon in society and mocked unwittingly. The secret is called RETARDATION.

RETARDATION has been socially attributed a visual montage of a kid or adult, salivating from the mouth, slurred speech, and walking awkwardly. Indeed, these persons are “mentally challenged”; however, one of the biggest hus-hush secrets to date is those deemed “mentally challenged”, are genuises in comparison to those who are not salivating from the mouth, walking awkwardly, and speaking differently. It is the presumed healthy of the healthiest that are infinitely more RETARDED than what they have been forced to accept as “mentally challenged.”Yes……… any given point of your day, do a complete 360, and you cannot go without bullseye’ing a RETARDED person NOT beholding the characteristics of a “mentally challenged” person.

retard (v.)
late 15c., "make slow or slower," from French retarder "restrain, hold (someone) back, keep (someone from doingsomething);
come to a stop" (13c.) or directly from Latin retardare "make slow, delay, keep back, hinder" (seeretardation).
Related: Retarded; retarding.

It is apparent from the definition, some reading are emotionally going into defense mode………….and you have every right to!!  The linguistic truth of this word embellishes one’s unproductive nature and deep seated hate to see accomplishment. Who amongst you has slowed down progress? Who amongst you has held someone back? Who amongst you has hindered yourself or someone else? If you can be absolutely honest with the person you see in the mirror, aren’t you a RETARD!  Still, if you are defensive and haven’t been convinced of your retardation, here is a list for you to compare and correlate to deduce a much clearer perspective:

1.  Social RETARD

2.  Economic RETARD

3.  Spiritual RETARD

4.  Parental RETARD

5.  Political RETARD

6.  Natural RETARD

These people insist you should not say nor act certain ways if you wanna excel in this society. They frequently remind you of the success ladder and hardships endured on their plight. They note how once they conformed, things got better for them. This is 90% of those who look just like you.  Attachment aids their retardation, because they fear being on the outskirts of popularity.

Economic RETARD
These people mostly hinder themselves simply by NOT maintaining consistency. They are ill-prepared to handle the ins and outs of society’s economic plight, and refuse to accept advice from anyone who hasn’t climbed that proverbial success ladder. Group economics is a foreign language to them, but constant spending is a euphoric orgasm. They will never support anyone other than popular businesses they can be seen parading in and out the doors. They don’t respect the grind a dream takes to come into fruition!  Success to them is totally material and essentials such as dignity, honor, and nobility, mean nothing!

Spiritual RETARD
Grasping a concept of self improvement beyond a pastor, bishop, or imam is something these people will not do. They need holy books read to them, and never seek wisdom and understanding as it relates to them specifically. Spirituality to them is supremely akin to having a commercialized role model. They worship celebrities just as equally as their GODS! Nothing you say will he or she embrace. The notion of you not being able to educate them on spirituality will bullhorn from their vocal cords. You will be told you cannot judge them over and over; even though, they asked you for your opinion!  They will judge you according to the same “GOD standard” they don’t adhere to.

Parental RETARD
Parents who stop learning, because they totally trust school systems, are the biggest progenitors of this retardation. They don’t feel a need to aid in their child’s mental development as long as the child is seemingly getting good grades in school. Their glory will break the sound barrier from stands at child’s sporting events. They don’t push their kids to learn anything culturally, nor of those who look like them historically. The primer to their parenting is Roman Theology.  Although they KNOW all holidays are in extreme error, they don’t care, because love is more important than truth!

Political RETARD
I must say, these are the most hilarious retards on the planet. They actually believe they have a vote, even though, the voting process is THOROUGHLY explained within numerous legal documentations.  They see the demise of their communities; yet, still proclaim a superior position due to the election of a particular person. They don’t know whether they live in a democratic or republican state, and they refuse to listen to any information contrary to what CNN and FOX NEWS says! They are the laughing stock for politicians who ONLY use and see them when it’s election time!

Natural RETARD
This person doesn’t see a connection between him and nature. Natural processes are a non-registered entity with them.  Besides rain, sleet, snow, and hail, they are convinced apples are grown in grocery stores instead of the ground/Earth. Water isn’t sweet enough for them. Their GOD and nature have no relationship.  Everything scientific is deemed the golden standard of their belief systems.  Their knowledge of natural order and processes excludes them at every juncture!  More of their lives is spent being plastic and fraud, and cosmetically alter their mirror images to fit a standard of societal acceptance.  You are weird to them!

There is a void in our heads that houses our imaginations. Housed within our imaginations, are our creative abilities!  The lack of quests to be entrepreneurs, and support of entrepreneurs,  is solid evidence of some type of retardation ailment from the list above. Who in his/her right mind will admit he nor she has dreams and aspirations? What do you do with them? Do you sell them to gain profit from your intellectual property, or do you just insist remaining retarded as a quality of prestige?

There is no shame in admitting you are presently RETARDED!  We’ve all had to experience necessary and unnecessary evils to garner our wisdom and understanding.  How one applies himself after those experiences aids in curing his or her levels of retardation.  Sadly, most will read this and not see the wisdom within.  Just know beyond a shadow of a doubt, if you don’t see the wisdom encased in this article, YOU ARE A RETARD!