Before I go into the details of this article, let me begin with a few disclaimers. This article is intended for American Moors ages 18-25. When I speak about “Black” women, I am indeed speaking about women who use “Black” as an Identity. As it pertains to their ideologies, mannerisms and personality “Black” Women may differ drastically on an individual level, but once grouped together they form the ultimate oppressive Borg consensus, Hive Mind monolith. This article is not about bashing Black women, but simply to inform my Moorish Brethren about the dangers of breeding with American Black Women.

I think it is also important for me to state at this point… all women are the same in terms of being human and they are not intrinsically or inherently better than each other, on the basis of race, color, nationality or ethnicity. Everything has its pros and cons, including women. There are Pros and Cons to breeding with American Black Women just as there is with other woman. The only difference is that there is no upside for American Moors who breed with American Black Women. The cultural, socio-political and economic challenges are too large to overcome.

I know I am pissing people off, but the truth must be told. We are too late in the game to still have these unfinished matters on the table. For us Moors the “Black” Identity is a very sensitive issue. Specifically because we are the only Melanated Americans who are actively trying to break free from the badges and brands of slavery (which happens to be a guaranteed right protected by the 13th Amendment).

American Black Women simply do not care about badges and brands of slavery. Its interesting because they are the ones passing the badge of slavery on to the entire race. For instance a person is not Black because their father is Black, the person is Black because their Mother is Black. Proof that they have knowledge pertaining to this accepted cultural truth, is when one critiques American Black Women they will instantly say “Your Momma Black.” This is because Black American Women know deep down in the subconscious and deep recesses of their brain that they are the ones keeping us Black.

Us Moors are the only ones who know and recognize that the Black Status is what is truly destroying us as a people. Moors continually make excuses regarding the complacency of American Black Women as it relates to them ridding themselves and their offspring of the “Black” Identity. They’ll say “the Sistas don’t know, or “the Sistas are brainwashed.”

This is simply not true. American Black Women are well aware of the benefits that come along with the “Black” Status, and they do their very best to defend it. American Black Women have benefitted greatly from the unrestricted unaccountability granted to them. It benefits them to stay black, but it destroys us (the Men). Despite what many believe or would like to believe, American Black Women are very well aware, cognizant and conscious of the things us “Moors” bring to their attention. They just don’t care or don’t see ridding themselves of the Black Status as a viable benefit to them.

I am often asked by American Black Women and Men alike, “what are the benefits of being a Moor?” This question always bugs me because, this question is evidence that freedom, heritage and identity has been reduced to a mere, marketing incentive. The History books shows us that the Black Status was placed on Moorish Women during slavery as a way to create perpetual slavery, by making us all  bound to the Black Slave status through our Mothers.

“Citing 1662 Virginia statute providing that “Children got by an Englishman upon a Negro woman shall be bond or free according to the condition of the mother”. Throughout the late 17th and early 18 century, several colonial legislatures adopted similar rules which reversed the usual common law presumptions that the status of the child was determined by the father. (See id. at 128 (citing 1706 New York Statute); id. at 252 (citing a 1755 Georgia Law)).

These laws facilitated the breeding of slaves through Black women’s bodies and allowed for slaveholders to reproduce their own labor force. (See Paula Giddings, When and Where I enter: The Impact of Black Women on Race and Sex in America  (1984) (noting that “a master could save the cost of buying new slaves by impregnating his own slave, or for that matter having anyone impregnate her”). For a discussion of Race and Gender see Cheryl I. Harris Myths of Race and Gender in the Trials of O.J. Simpson and Susan Smith–Spectacles of Our Times)”

Source: Why do Blacks Ignore that “Black” and “Negro” are Synonymous with “Criminal”?

So as you see, we are not bound to the Black Slave Status legally through our Fathers but through our Mothers, and this is why it is dangerous overall to continue to Breed with them, because you will just be perpetuating the Dis-enfrancshised, Prison Bound, Underclass population. American Moorish Men need to get to their stuff together and take trips over seas and spread their genes to more favorable populations. The American Negro population as a group was never bred to be independent and self reliant. It was created to establish a permanent underclass.

There has been 13 Million African American/Black Babies aborted since the legalization of abortion. Many say the most dangerous place for a Black Child to be, is in the womb of a Black Woman. If this is true, then what sane man would continue to impregnate them, then complain about getting washed up in Child Support afterwards. The reality is that you as Men have the control and say so into who you impregnate and women know this, this is why they have no sympathy for you, when you slip up, and they usually say “well next time keep your thing in your pants.” They want to penalize you for penetrating them. The Black Population has not increased and its largely due to these abortion numbers.

The only way to break the cycle is to take your genes and breed better. Make better breeding choices. The negro population will continue to exist, as long as you have males ready and willing to breed with American Black Women. However you can keep  your descendants exempted from the scheme, by not placing them in the heart or womb of it. Moors should work on building families that grow to rule industries, and you simply can’t do that with the Black Status. Even Sub-Saharan West Africans get White status when they come to America.

American Moors need to spread their genes to the Four Corners of the Earth, because this will ensure you don’t participate in the perpetuation of the Negro population, which is the root cause of our dilemma. American Moors need to spread their genes to Africa, Europe, Asia and South America. Women hold the wealth of their respective Nations as it is the men who give it to them, through conquering and they protect it for them. Our system was destroyed centuries ago, we have no Women we can call our own.

No matter how much you want to call Black Women, “Your Women,” the truth is they aren’t and haven’t been for centuries. The only way to gain traction is to hunt for land and resources through business, industry and breeding. The only way American Black Women can make themselves viable wombs for impregnation is if they turn from their wicked ways and stop perpetuating badges and brands of slavery on her offspring for State Benefits.

Hopefully when Male Birth Control is finally released to the market American Moors and men in general can begin to exercise immense control over which women they actually impregnate. We have to think long term Brothers, beyond this lifetime and into the lifetime of our descendants. Let’s not continue to drown them in the problems we refuse to face in our lifetimes.