IF you hadn’t noticed, the world is getting crazier and crazier.  Basically, it’s going to complete shits.  Racism is at an all time high, and just about every ism is at its extreme maximum capacity.  With the recent string of terror attacks in Kenya, Nigeria, and France, as well as, the Religious Extremism in America and abroad, one thing is for certain my Moorish brethren, you are going to continue to be a big fat target for all of the world’s frustrations.

I suggest you take the time to refine your manliness, by sharpening up your skills and acquiring new ones.  I am already implementing many of these suggestions myself, so I suggest my Moorish brothers to jump on it and get themselves together.  Chaos can be a good thing.  It can provide a vacuum allowing the tables to turn in our favor.  The future belongs to those who plan for it.  The word apocalypse means revelation; however, the context in which I am using it, is when SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan).  Well……shit has hit the fan!

8 Things Moors Should Do Before The Apocalypse Arrives

World-After-the-Apocalypse-031. GET OUT OF THE INNER CITIES:  We’ve been talking about getting our 40 acres and mule since it was promised and taken away from us.  Today, 40 acres is relatively cheap to obtain depending on where it’s located.  The inner cities have been death traps for us ever since the mass migration from the Southern states our parents and grandparents embarked upon many decades ago.  Don’t stress gentrification.  It’s a good thing if you are in tune with what’s going on.  Terror attacks are going to increase; especially, in the inner cities!  No one will be paying attention to those living in rural areas.  Land is the basis of independence and developing that land will bring you more wealth than working for someone else. You also have to be concerned with Zombies, Natural Disasters and other things that will make the inner cities the worse place to be during calamity.sustainability_06

2. ACQUIRE SUSTAINABILITY SKILLS:  Living off of the land doesn’t have to be wack and boring; especially, now with the “sustainability movement” in full motion.  One does not have to compromise the luxuries and comforts that one would find in the inner modern cities.  Learn sustainable farming, energy, and everything else that gives you power to not need outside forces to live.  This also includes carpentry and electrical wiring. You can get these skills by becoming LEED Certified.

3. BUILD A HAREM:  If you have land and are going to be living sustainable, then you will need some women of course to help you with everything.  If SHTF, and even if it doesn’t, who wouldn’t want to live on a bunch of land with vagina insight surrounding you.  Building a Harem is easy if you are the type of man that can handle one and have the ambition to do so.  There are plenty of women out there who would be interested in not having to work in the inner city with the hustle haremand bustle of daily life.  If things go to shits, then you will be able to create a TRIBE from scratch.  I remember watching one of Geoff Lawson’s permaculture videos, and he said he works one hour daily checking his permaculture farm, and the rest of the day he spends thinking about what he should think about.  Not sure about you, but that is definitely the life I aspire to reach.

4. GET HEALTHY:  Now is definitely not the time to be out of shape, sloppy, and unhealthy.  You need to be able to run for miles without getting tired.  I’m not in the best of shape myself, but I’m striving to be each day. Brothers must transform their bodies into indestructible vessels.  The body is Man’s temple, and we must treat it as we would treat any Masjid, Church, Synagogue, or automobile.  After all, who wants to do all of this stuff, and then die fromsurvival-practice diabetes or some other lame ass disease or sickness?

5. ACQUIRE SURVIVAL SKILLS:  It’s definitely time for brothers on a mass scale to learn survival skills.  This includes hunting, recognizing wild plants and herbs and their usage, building shelters, and starting fires from scratch, and which bugs are the best source of protein.  There will come a time when this is necessary.  Nature, by the authority of the One God, is about to hit the reset button.  Without this skill you just will not be able to survive on this orb called Earth.

6. ACQUIRE FIGHTING SKILLS:  Brothers need to know how to technically fight.  Not this silly little street fight mess of swinging till the first punch lands.  I’m talking about learning Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Filipino Knife fighting, Archery, Sword fighting, Long sword, and Samurai style as well. mtgpDon’t forget Gunsmithing, handling handguns, semi-autos, automatics, and all the other ways and means one secures himself through combat. You need to have these skills especially if you are going to maintain a Harem. I would encourage my Moorish brothers to have their women learn some if not all of these skills as well, because tribal life makes it so you are only as strong as your weakest link.

7. LEARN CODING:  In this era it is imperative that brothers learn how to code, and there are a number of places online that teach it for free.  This will give us an edge of keeping technology in place and in play!  Even if things hit the fan, we will still be able to troubleshoot and create entirely new mechanisms and systems that allows us to utilize quantum computerascension programming, and other aspects that will become integral to new era computing systems.

8. BECOME A SPIRITUAL MASTER & ASCEND:  Last but not least, brothers need to step their spiritual game up.  Whatever deity or deities you serve, you need to get right with them so that their power shines through you.  If you read the stars or work juju, then you better be extremely gifted with it, because spiritual power is where one draws the power from to continue to persevere through difficulties that are sure to ravish us soon.  I subscribe to Islam, so I make sure I get my Salats in, and do good deeds no matter what. Get your Ascension game strong, because you are going to most definitely need it!



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