Shyaam M. Kushimir and Jacque Fresco at the Venus Project Research Institute in 2008

In 2008 I had the honor and pleasure of visiting the Futurist, Visionary, Architect, Engineer Jacque Fresco at his Venus Project Research Institute. We talked for hours about everything from Racism and global politics to heat applied self-assembling furniture. He is now 100 years old, and I must say, this meeting inspired me in deeply and profoundly.

This man is a true Humanitarian and has dedicated his life to finding solutions for humanity as I am. Although I disagree with the premise of automating our entire resources as a planet under AI, I must say very few people have put forth a better plan for the future for this planet as Mr. Fresco. It is essentially, this meeting, that inspired me to move forward with plans I drafted in 2007 for sustainable farming communities.

Cities of Light is a company I founded in 2011 to do my part in uplifting fallen humanity by springing a plan of action to create sustainable farming communities in emerging markets to combat poverty by eliminating food scarcity through creating cities and towns designated for such activities. What’s interesting to me is that I am a city guy from Brooklyn, and I pretty much knew nothing about country life and farming.

However, in 2005, I had an epiphany while doing some research into the modern causes of poverty. I then realized that without land, and the activity of agriculture, life is pretty much nonexistent. Everything else is an illusion built on top of the foundational premise of land and food.

I began buying as many books as I could pertaining to agriculture, plants, survival skills, construction, sustainability, etc. What became apparent to me is the life most people aspire to live is an artificial one. It’s one of no real substance. It’s the aspiration of this life that has caused even more poverty based upon the advent of industrialism and technology. For the most part, this life doesn’t necessarily promote artificiality, but rather the way it is utilized and marketed to the masses creates this realm of artificiality.

I decided I would create and develop a holistic system that could be utilized all over the world; especially, impoverished places. This global society is great at compartmentalism seeking to separate and divide, which is what Julius Caesar created to conquer his enemies. Therefore, it is imperative all governments of the world see their subjects and citizens as enemies, because they seek to exploit and destroy their essence by utilizing their labor and energy against them. There has to be great effort put forth by all peoples of the Earth to ensure a sustainable future. Although this is more idealistic than reality, it doesn’t change the fact that it must be done.

The UN has reported that 40% of the world’s population makes a living based on agriculture; therefore, it is essential to provide ideals that perpetuate solutions for food production inevitably creating sustainable environments for living by retrofitting urban communities with gardening and rural and suburban areas with permacutlure.

5 Things That Can Save The World

1. Mycellium:

This is fungus that creates mushrooms. They can rebuild soil, convert toxins into nutrients, and actually bring nutrients and underground water to the surface without harming the environment.

Mycellium can also be very useful for projects such as the “The Great Green Wall of Africa” which is an ambitious project founded by the African Union, seeking to create a Green Wall in the Sahel to fight against desertification.

Mycellium is especially important to a project such as this, because Africa has vast amounts of underground water, and it is a known fact that world is in a water crisis. Nigeria abandoned underground water extraction projects due to political and environmental instability of oil. Mycellium could be the bridge that sustainably brings underground water to the surface.

Underground Water In The Continent of Africa

2. Hempcrete:

Hempcrete is probably the most beneficial product of all time. Anything can be made with hemp. Petroleum can produce up to 6,000 by-products; whereas, hemp can produce over 30,000 by-products, and hempcrete is just one of them. Hempcrete is easy to produce. It creates a zero carbon footprint, gets stronger over time,  and is fire and mold resistant.

3. Permeable Pavement:

Permeable Pavement is an extremely useful invention, because it provides ultimate sustainability to newly created cities, towns, and streets by assembling concrete pavement that allows water to penetrate it and avoid runoff water. Notice how when it rains your neighborhood is easily flooded, because the sewage drain water system is overfilled so much so till the water backs up and flood the streets. Well permeable pavement is here to put an end to all of that.

Here is a demonstration of Permeable Pavement at Work.

4. Permaculture:

Permaculture is the definitive solution for a sustainable future in farming and living spaces. Permaculture is the holistic application of growing food in an abundant capacity. I call it the “Science of The Garden of Eden.” Once a person implements its technique, maintenance is all that is required to keep things running for many many lifetimes.