In light of recent events, we should all take a closer look at the current socio-political and economic climate in the United States. There are many disturbing facts surrounding the Charleston shooter Dylann Storm Roof, and the telling signs and implications that can be seen upon the event horizon. For those considering themselves as Black people, you should really take an extra long, hard look at your current conditions as a people in this country and the world.

Perhaps you all need more pain to get your minds right to realize your beloved Euro-Americans are not playing with you, and the liberals won’t be there to save you.  After 8 years of Obama, Euro-Americans have had it up to here with the Negro flow, and are planning to go back to the 1830’s on that ass! Christian Right Wingers are gearing up for some good ole fashion N****r Hunting.  I figured it’s time to drop some gems and jewels for THE FOOLS.

Gem 1:

The Charleston Shooter is a hero for White America. He did something many young Whites are afraid to do.  He went against mainstream ideology to put the Negro back in his place, and remind him “aint shit sweet!” The Media refuses to call him a terrorist, and he even took a private plane back to the South Carolina skipping extradition. Where they do that at…..? The way the media is handling the coverage of this situation should be all the evidence you need to see most of Euro-America is riding with the Charleston Shooter.

Gem 2:

The Euro-American male goes ballistic when Black Men are knocking out the Walls of the Great White Vagina. All you brothers on the “Interracial Flow” need to be on the look out, because one of the main reasons the Charleston Shooter used as an excuse to shoot up the church, is Black Men are raping their women and taking over their country. Funny how those two go hand and hand.  Access to White Vagina = Taking over the country. The raping of White Women has always been a rallying point and battle cry for many Euro-American males to justify there rage against the Moors.

Gem 3:

A Race War could be eminent. Considering the fact that modern perceptions about race was created by the Catholic Church via the Christian Doctrine of Discovery, all we need to look at is the Mass Incarceration Rate, coupled with the Murdering of UNARMED Brothers via Law Enforcement, tripled with FBI Reports discussing infiltration of law enforcement by White Supremacy Groups (which the Feds are doing nothing about)! Quadruple that with the long history of the United States and the popularization of Right Wing Christian Politicians and Conservatives with the “Take Back America” Mantra. It’s clear what’s brewing out here; besides, it’s not as if this country didn’t have a Civil War of this magnitude before.

Gem 4:

Facts and unfolding of events that took place with this incident, has enough unanswered questions, mystery, and intrigue to keep an occultic conspiracy theorist awake for months. Considering the fact the Charleston Shooter, a.k.a DSR, wore South African Apartheid patches, the historical value and meaning of the Church and one of the victims being a Senator and Pastor, there is enough WTF in those components alone that could lead one to believe there is definitely some hideen hands working things behind the scenes. This was done meticulously as a ritual sacrifice killing, and the forgiveness dolled out by the family sounded like prepackaged forgiveness for future acts of this nature and caliber.