Salaam Moors! Now that you are tuning into the Harem Life Philosophy, let me give you all some more Gems to put in the vault.  Alpha Moors deciding to structure a Harem, the first things you need to know is where to start and how to begin.  You want to be discreet about your intentions, and not allow too many people in on your motivations and intentions!  You never know who will start hating on you to derail your plans because of jealousy. I have developed 3 major, but basic, stratagems and applications that will guide you on your path to living a successful Harem Life.

2 Sides of The Same Coin

1.Sex/Intimacy Is Commerce

A major problem, I think, existing between men and women in regards to HYPERGAMY (marrying up) and HYPOGAMY (marrying down), is the ignorance pervading both parties; especially, in regards to Sex and Intimacy. I think Alpha Moors will have better understanding “how” they should engage with women, when they realize dealing with women is all business and commercial. Dating or marrying a woman is essentially doing business with them. It’s essential you grasp the gravity of this! I am sure you’ve been under the impression interacting with women was about respecting them, protecting them, and providing for them.  However, before it could ever be about those things, it’s always been business with them first. Most men receive the crappy end of the deal, because they are not negotiating in their own best interests and are just thirsty to do business with women.

For more clarity let’s analyze closely the true meaning of the word “Commerce.”

  1. an interchange of goods or commodities, especially on a large scale between different countries  (foreign commerce) or between different parts of the same country (domestic commerce) trade; business.
  2. social relations, especially the exchange of views, attitudes, etc.
  3. sexual intercourse.
  4. intellectual or spiritual interchange; communion.”

The 3rd definition of commerce….emphatically is…… “Sexual Intercourse.” This is why Alpha Moors should never be angry with women, nor their nature of Hypergamy, because it’s all business! I am certain women know this very instinctively on a deeper level as well.  This is why women operate the way they do in relationships. This is also why Men should do better business and stop making decisions using your hearts, and protect yourselves from Female Usury.

This is why Moors should also apply Hypergamous strategies when searching for female members for their Harems. If you check out the Movie “Belle”, you will see British men employing that very same strategy in choosing their women. Doing business with women can be complicated or simple.  Alpha Moors should get into the habit of keeping contracts and agreements with women, just as they would with any other business or commercial transaction.

Doing Business With Women Requires Business Contracts

Women of today want to be treated as an employee of a company. They want to be paid to have babies and raise them. They want to be paid to be wives, mothers, and anything they naturally do as women. This drives men insane;  primarily, because you all haven’t realized it has always been about business. Remember its all about Consensual, Contractual, Mutually Beneficial Agreements.

Contracts are needed to mitigate the liability we take on as Men when doing business with women. A lot of celebrities use these types of contracts, as well as, prenuptial agreements, for those participating in BDSM!  Most contracts fall short of being legally enforceable as the Marriage Contract when women wield it to destroy a man during a divorce.

Alpha Moors need to be ahead of the game by drafting our own contracts and making it a pre-requisite for women to sign when they aspire to do business with you. The contract should list all of the things you will and will not tolerate, and what you expect of her during her tenure as your personal Desirable. It should also cover the benefits she is justly due:  dates, dinners, time, gifts, etc! Start with 3-6 month contracts, so you have time to consider if you want to replace or keep her.  I call them “Desirable Contracts.”

Generally, an Alpha Moor will need female nurturing, company, and sex!  The aforementioned are major realms the contract should cover. Considering contracts are broached often, this puts you in position to cover yourself legally from the treachery women unleash when they want to be vindictive. It also protects the women, and it makes them have to be honest and up front about their intentions and most importantly “What They Want.” This also enables you to have guidelines in place governing specifically what happens to your sperm when a woman receives it.

Author's Note: There was a case before the Illinois Court of Appeals, wherein a woman held a man's sperm in her mouth after giving oral sex to him. She took it, impregnated herself, and he ended up having to pay child support. He brought a bring civil action against her for theft and fraud.  He lost because the court ruled there wasn't an Agreement in place stipulating what she was supposed to do with the "Sperm Gift Deposit", as they call it."

Your Rights Are Secured In The Contract/Agreement

“The judges in the higher courts agreed with the lower court decision, however, to dismiss the fraud and theft claims. The court, in essence, says that Dr. Irons didn’t steal the sperm from Dr. Phillips. When he climaxed, he gave the sperm away; therefore Dr. Irons didn’t steal the sperm.

“She asserts that when plaintiff ‘delivered’ his sperm, it was a gift — an absolute and irrevocable transfer of title to property from a donor to a donee,” the decision said. “There was no agreement that the original deposit would be returned upon request.” -Source

As you can see, there is much need for contracts of this nature to be in place when you are doing business with women, because it’s only right that you protect your interests as she protects her own.

2. Women Best Suited For A Harem

Now the question you may be asking yourselves is:  “What kind and/or type of women would want to join my Harem?” The first thing you should take note and embrace is no human female is perfect! Everything and everyone has its pros and cons. Building a Harem is not about living out a fantasy. It’s about creating your reality in accordance with your ancestral identity and heritage. The expectations you place on women should be reasonably in accordance with their nature, which inevitably will makes things easier for you later on down the line.

When determining what kind or type of women would be interested in joining a Harem, and more specifically your Harem, you should look at their mentality before you make determinations based on looks. Of course you want women that are beautiful, but their mentalities are most important when you want to bring harmony to your Harem. Some quick things to look for.

ca. 2004 --- Eva Longoria --- Image by © Trevor O'Shana/Corbis Outline

Something Every Man Loves To See.

A. Naturally Submissive Women: The worse kind of woman you want on your team is a woman who wants to be a man and/or compete with you. Find women who like being women, girly girl, and feminine(difficult to find this type of woman in the United States.).  Alpha Moors should do a little research into BDSM, Gorean, and Bimbofication sub-cultures.

You should educate yourselves on some of these things, so you will have insight into recognizing these elements in women’s behaviors. Those topics will open you up to a range of women with varying mentalities, which in turn will give you a better contextual variety of ways women seek to please and be pleased. True submissive women get considerably more pleasure from pleasing than being pleased!  This is the best type of woman to build the foundation of your Harem with.

B. Women With Book Smarts: We all know women with college degrees can be snobs and narcissists, but having book smart women in your Harem can prove very beneficial when it comes to administrating a Harem.  These are the types of women that get a higher status in your Harem, because they are not just pretty faces. They have intelligence and can help you in numerous ways.

For instance, if you are an Alpha Moor, you should be some kind of entrepreneur or professional(wealthy or not); therefore, you could be utilizing them to help you run your “LLC.” Secretarial and clerical work is of utmost importance when you are building your Commercial Dynastic Empire. You should have “book smart” women on deck to help you formally administrate your Estate.

C. Mothering  & Clingy Types: As men we need nurturing, affection, and delicate feminine touches from women. Mothering/Clingy types are in the business of providing this type of energy. So find some of them to put on your team. Find those who know how to respectfully challenge you. Being challenged by a woman in your Harem is not a problem, so don’t get bent out of shape when they challenge you. They are challenging you to see if you are remaining consistently thorough. The key is if she is respectful about it.

The Mothering/Clingy types need someone to worry about, and they need someone they can drown in their nurture and affections. They can be overbearing and extremely annoying, but they are also most likely to stick with you longer than other types of women. It’s all about ebb and flow………push and pull. As Alpha Moors and brothers, we can be subjected to all types of problems (Jim Crow)!  It’s good to have some mothering/clingy type women on your team.

Permaculture Design

3. A Home For The Harem

Now that you are deciding to begin a Harem, simply having a Harem will be costly, only because its an operation you never considered running until now. Make no mistake about it, your personal Harem, literally and figuratively,  is a business venture, and the women are your employees.

Firstly Alpha Moors, you need to leave the Suburb, City/Condo life, unless, you rent them from time to time to handle business in various cities. I believe condo living was created to steal land and property from the people by convincing them living on the top, right, left and bottom of each other was cool and fly. Moors should know Land is the source of power, and how we were robbed of our 40 Acres and Mule. This is why Alpha Moors should be concerned with obtaining land. Land is cheap; especially, in the South Eastern United States areas.

Garden Atrium In The Ancient Harems.

Get yourself 40 Acres or more. If you are really brave, you’d go grab land in the Caribbean, South America, Africa or Asia. That is enough land to build a palace, mansion, grow your own food, supply/supplies, and to utilize permaculture and sustainability methodologies.  Any other lifestyle is an illusion, because this is one of the single most important moves in mass we need to make to obtain access to tangible assets.

Setting up your own Harem in this way makes it sustainable and prosperous. People will always need food, and once Hemp is legalized, you will want to be in position to grow this crop as well. A lot of men are working hard and hustling trying to end up retiring and live like this. You can do it now. The history books tell us Moors were trying to create Paradise on Earth when they were building Harems. The reason you ultimately want to own land and build a Harem is you want to have a central location for your Harem to reach its fullest potentials. The last strategy is only useful if this is something you want.  You may not want all of your Desirables in one location.