Cadillac has big plans to redefine itself: a new home in New York City, a decidedly nontraditional alphanumeric naming convention, and a whole spate of new vehicles promised between now and 2020. So it’s perhaps apropos that the brand used an event in the hypertrendy borough of Brooklyn to introduce its new four-door luxury sedan, the 2016 CT6.

The CT6 slots into the Cadillac lineup above the ATS and the CTS, which are wonderful driver’s cars and wheeled embodiments of a purposeful philosophical shift meant to erase consumers’ still-extant preconceived notions of the brand as a purveyor of V-8–powered barges or badge-engineered disappointments. The CT6 clearly is intended to take that mission to the next level.

Its Size and Weight? Go Ahead and Ask

The engineering focus for the CT6 was a fanatical avoidance of unnecessary heft. Its exterior dimensions and interior spaciousness put the CT6 roughly even with BMW’s short-wheelbase 7-series, yet the company claims the naked body-in-white is both lighter and stiffer than those of the smaller BMW 5-series and Audi A6. In fact, Cadillac says this big sedan will have a curb weight under 3700 pounds, roughly the same as the current CTS, despite stretching 8.5 inches longer than that model. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to getting one on our scales to verify the claim.

Its weight-saving mission was bolstered by a heavy dose of aluminum, and Cadillac used the lightweight metal for all exterior body panels as well as numerous structural castings. Lots of mixed-material engineering went into the CT6’s architecture, including laser welding and jet-fighter-style metal adhesives, all in the name of reduced mass—the automaker cites a weight savings of 218 pounds over an identical structure made mostly of steel.

The CT6 is the first production vehicle to utilize GM’s new Omega platform, and the car rides on a wheelbase 7.8 inches longer than that of the CTS. An aluminum-intensive multilink front suspension and a multilink rear are employed, and GM’s excellent magnetorheological Magnetic Ride Control dampers are here, too; an available Active Chassis System includes rear steering. The whole setup enables a turning radius equivalent to the CTS’s, says Cadillac, and the company promises agility to match that 10Best-winning model and dynamics that cater to “the exhilaration of a true driver’s car.”

The Underhood Story

The CT6 looks to further bury Cadillac’s old-school image in another area: its engine lineup. At least for the moment, there’s no V-8 to be found anywhere on the spec sheet.



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