The media is in a frenzy right now!  Simply, because a “White” Woman Rachel Dolezal assumed the identity of a “Black” Woman. I really could care less about this trivial subject; however, the constant shares and reposts throughout my social media network pages, compelled me to shed some light of truth on this subject. The funny thing is, the NAACP was founded in part by White Men and White Women, as well as, all the HBCU’s!

First of all, humans are not crayons, and race itself, is a social construct created via the Christian Doctrine of Discovery!  It’s not based on science nor biology. Saying it’s a social construct doesn’t mean it isn’t real; however, within context, it has no scientific nor biological implications.

SEE……………….. Federal Directive 15

The thing that boggles my mind is how hypocritical black people are when it comes to this discussion, especially black women, since they are the main ones complaining profusely. Blacks are always forcing their fraudulent ideologies cemented in lies and confusion just as their Euro-American counterparts have done. In my opinion, White and Black Americans are some of the dumbest people in the world. They both hold on to stupid and false concepts and pretend they are real, all the while, forcing it down the entire world’s throat.

#1 Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

The He/She Who Broke The Internets

The world stopped, and the internets (George Bush Voice) broke, when the Euro-American Bruce Jenner decided he longer wanted to be a Man and officially wanted to be recognized as a Woman. Everyone praised him/her for this announcement calling him/her brave and courageous. It drowned out the great news that Brother Akon dropped on the world! He announced he was bringing solar energy to 600 Million people across Africa.

Now I am not for or against this meaningless decision of Bruce/Caitlyn to live his life as he chooses, besides America is modern day Sodom & Gomorrah mixed with Babylon anyways, so it is a known fact that anything goes here; with the exception of, righteousness and truth.

What is hypocritical about Black people in this instance, especially Black Women, is when Bruce/Caitlyn announced his/her decision, scores and scores of Black Women supported it!  Agreeing with White America on how great this is in the struggle for equality. Majority of Black Men I observed scoffed at it.  So I must say, if it is okay for a Man to become a Woman, why isn’t it okay for a White Woman to become a Black Woman?

#2 Black Women Are Always Trying To Look Like White Women

Baltimore Prosecutor and Rachel. I can’t tell the difference, can you?

Black Women for centuries have always tried to turn their physical appearances to that of the White Woman. Black Women have always secretly been jealous of White Women, their lifestyles, appearances, and overall being. That is not to say that White Women aren’t jealous of Black Women for whatever reasons, but, the Black Woman’s jealousy has been very well documented throughout centuries. Women in general are jealous creatures; however, from skin bleaching creams to weaves, black women have been steadily trying to look like White Women.

Now the common rebuttal from Black women is that all women wears weaves, but my rebuttal to that has always been, “White women or other women are not buying weaves to have nappy hair or hair like yours!” (until now, Ha Ha). Black Women have always purchased weaves that do not come close to looking their hair. So now that the shoe is on the other foot, what say you now?

If it has been okay for Black Women to try and look like White Women, live where White Women live, and infamously “Acting White” with the proverbial “Becky” voice, why now is it a problem for a White Woman trying to pass as a Black Woman?  Black Women have been trying to pass themselves off as White for centuries.  Let me know your thoughts if you are brave enough.